Wedding Day Planner

your special day is quickly approaching! please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. we will review this information in your pre-wedding meeting. this will help us to have clear communication and set expectations going into your big day. please call, text or email with any questions!

thank you again, kelli

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Include any vendors you have hired to be a part of your wedding day... cake, limo, dress, florals, etc.
Please include times for the following as applicable and any other important events during your day. (I can also assist with this timeline if needed) Ceremony Start Cocktail Hour Start Reception Start/End Formal Portraits (usually right after ceremony) Cake Cutting Toasts Garter/Bouquet
Are you planning to do a First Look? *
i.e. The Canal, War Memorial, Monument Circle, etc.
Family Formals *
Please use the checklist below to compile a list of any formal photographs you would like me to capture during the formal group portrait session at your wedding. The formal session should take place at the ceremony site (Bride & Groom/Wedding Party portrait session can take place at a separate location unless time/weather does not permit). I will do my best to make sure all of your requested shots are completed. Please keep group shots to a minimum and be aware that time is a factor. The more time spent during the formal portrait session, the less we will have for photographing just the two of you. The time it takes to complete the formal portraits depends on how large the grouping and how well organized your family is. With that said, it is best to decide ahead of time how extensive you want your family photos to go! I am happy to help assist you in mapping the appropriate time that you will need for these shots given the desired groupings of people you want involved.
i.e. Grandfather - Joe Smith Is a good idea to remind these family members to “Please stay after!” or “Can you be at the ceremony site at ____? We’d love a photo with you!”. On the wedding day, giving a trusted family member a copy of this checklist as a point person can help to keep people where they are supposed to be and keep everyone on schedule!