Indianapolis Family Photographer - The Reset Conference - Sarah Hill Studio Session

For those of you that have been following my social media posts and journal you will see that I recently attending The Reset Conference. It was such an amazing experience and I feel so reenergized and motivated, both personally and professionally. There were so many talented artists speakers and entrepreneurs. 

Sarah Hill's Studio

Throughout the conference there were a number of chances to watch and learn from other photographers, and following the main conference I had the chance to visit Sarah Hill's studio in downtown Greenwood. It was a small group and we had the opportunity watch her shoot, ask her questions and receive some mentorship from her on how to run a successful business and how to create beautiful imagery. 

images from the morning

This family was so adorable and they kids were very sweet and full of energy. Sarah keeps her sessions short and sweet which makes it easier on the family and kids. Here are a few more of the images I captured during our time at the studio.


I love the dreamy tones of the creams and blush. They make for such beautiful skin tones and absorb the light in such a gorgeous way. 

Off to find a space

I am officially on the hunt for a studio space! The cold weather months in Indiana don't correlate well with sunny outdoor sessions, so I would love to have a beautiful space where I can host families, couples and newborns during the chilly winter days. It would be a dream come true!

If you are interested in a studio session let me know! I'm exploring a few spaces in Indianapolis and will be sure to share once I have a space to share. I would love to capture your family in studio, inside your home or outdoors during the warmer weather. 

Indianapolis Family Photography - The Reset Conference - Kelli White Photography

Indianapolis Family Photography - The Reset Conference - Kelli White Photography

This year I am focusing on growing my business and becoming an even better photographer for my families, couples and newborns. I have invested time and energy into learning more about my craft and about how I can create a great experience for each person I serve. 

Over the last weekend I had the privilege of attending The Reset Conference in downtown Indianapolis. It was such a fun and exciting conference filled with some INCREDIBLE artists and speakers. I met some great people and learned so much about business, creativity and building relationships with every person who I have the privileged to photograph.  

 a rare self portrait... this window light in the hotel was irresistible 

a rare self portrait... this window light in the hotel was irresistible 


All of the speakers blew me away with their knowledge and passion. I wish I could have attended every single session, but had to pick and choose. Some of my favorites included Elena S Blair and Bre Thurston, who I adore. (and I am planning to attend their retreat in the fall!) They are not only the most genuine and relatable people, but they both cram so much emotion into each one of their images it. is. unreal! They talked about connection, being true to yourself, vulnerable with your work and not being afraid to fail.

Also - Elena and Sandra Coan continue to impress me with the amount of business knowledge they drop. Such empowering and impressive women! Sandra’s work is absolutely stunning and I’ve officially added, “have Sandra Coan take my portrait” to my long term goal list… a girl can dream right???

Sarah Hill was also a lot of fun to listen to and meet because she is also from Indy and she is so comfortable in her own skin and true to her vision that it is contagious, awesome, inspiring…! She spoke about branding and really made me stop think about how I can find a way to be true to myself in my journey of photography and business.


If you are on the fence about attending this conference in the future, do it! It is going down to Lexington, KY next year and the new venue looks amazing.

Kellie and Rebecca, who organize the conference are adorable and did a rock star job of making everything enjoyable and a former event planner, I know this is not an easy task!

Over all it was a fabulous experience and I hope to attend in future years… and maybe, just maybe, one day make it on to that stage to teach and inspire other photographers! :)



Indianapolis Wedding Photographer - St Lukes - Kelli White Photography


Earlier this month I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful couple down near St. Luke's Catholic Church in Indianapolis.

 St Lukes Catholic Church Indianapolis Wedding

The shoot was part of a photographer meet up with a few other local Indianapolis photographers. It was a gorgeous evening and we had a variety of locations to photograph.

 St Lukes Catholic Church Indianapolis Wedding

It's crazy how you can stumble upon so many little parks and beautiful spots for photos in the Indianapolis area. I love the location and I am hoping to bring some families or couples back to this awesome spot in Indianapolis the near future!

 Couple near St Lukes Catholic Church Indianapolis Wedding

This is one of my favorite images from the evening! I love to see that sunset peaking through. I am excited for many more evening sunset sessions in and around Indy this summer!

 St Lukes Catholic Church Indianapolis Wedding
 St Lukes Catholic Church Indianapolis Wedding