What to Wear for Your Fall Indianapolis Family Photography Session?

Indianapolis Family Photography Styling Ideas and Tips

The season of family photography is upon us here in the midwestern city of Indianapolis. The weather is beginning to get a tad bit cooler and you can start to feel the fall vibes approaching.

For many of us, booking our family photos leads to the next big question of "...but what will I wear?"...and if you are anything like me, that takes you to the next step of making a big mess searching everyone's wardrobe to see what might work. So I am here to help guide you with some tips and tricks to make your styling perfect and beautiful for your next family session. 

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Stay Connected

I will start out by saying that if you have any doubts on what to wear, you should be asking your photographer for their opinion on pieces or color choices. I am always here to help lead my families and couples toward what might work well and answer any questions you have. I love to learn more about your style and see your options. It's always nice to bounce ideas off of each other!

Colors That Look Best

I encourage families to choose one or two colors and plan around that choosing some variety in your fabrics, patterns and shades. Stay away from florescent or neon colors. These tend to cause color casts on skin tones and can be harsh, sometimes when viewing images. 

Look for colors that coordinate, but don't go for matching. 1999 is long gone and so are are the days of all white shirts and khaki shorts...sorry, mom!  

Keep it Simple

Avoid large logos (or any at all if you can avoid it), words, and wild patterns. When you add any of these to your style it distracts from the emotion and love reflecting in your photos. I work hard to make sure you look fabulous and enjoy connecting with your family during your session, this should be what everyone sees when they view the final product!

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Add Texture

Having a variety of textures and even patterns will add interest to your images. Maybe it's a little fluffy little vest for your daughter, a corduroy pant on your handsome little guy, or a beautiful lace top that you can't live without! All of these different textures can be done in complimentary colors which brings variety and coordination at the same time. 

Find Clothes that Fit Well

I am guilty of buying my daughters clothes a little on the big side, for room to grow. However, when it comes time for photos you need everything to fit properly in order to look your best. I recommend buying some items a bit snug, jackets, shirts, dresses. This will help to give you a tailored and polished look!

Dress For The Weather and Dress in Layers

Before the date of your session, be sure to double check the forecast. Mornings in August can feel like November and (as we found out last spring in Indianapolis) April can feel like December. You want to have some options that will give you flexibility depending on the temp. Jackets, cardigans, vests, even hats, can all be added or removed to allow you some flexibility with your comfort level along with adding excellent variety to your look! 

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Book Your Session and Check Out My Styling Service

Shortly after you book a session with me, I will send you my styling service which allows you to search for outfits based on color and style. It also helps you to pair up pieces and see what works best for your entire family. From there you can order the items directly through the website at shops like (H&M, Zara, Target, Old Navy, Torrid, Modcloth, and Free People) or find similar styles at the shop of your choice. 

Reasonably Affordable Locations to Shop for Family Photos

All of these can provide plenty of great options at fair prices for everyone in your family, and most of them are probably within a short drive incase (like me) you prefer to see items in person before ordering/buying.  


Old Navy




Banana Republic

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Stay True to Yourself

At at the end of the day no mater how much time you spend styling and shopping, you need to be in clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you are exploring your options, try new and outside of the box ideas, just to see if they work... but also trust yourself. You don't want to waste the entire session messing with a dress that doesn't fit right, or shoes that are horribly uncomfortable. 

Get In Touch

Let me know how I can help! I would love to be your photographer for any of your upcoming photo needs. I would love to create images that reflect your families beauty and sense of style!