Carmel Indiana Wedding Photography - Kelli White Photography - Engagement Session at Cool Creek Park & Nature Center

Carmel Indiana Wedding Photography - Engagement Session at Cool Creek Park & Nature Center

When I met this couple in the spring could tell right away how much love and connection they share. I am so excited for their wedding in August and this little engagement session was a wonderful opportunity for me to get to interact with their family and connect prior to their big day. 

This couple also brought their son with them so he could join in on some of the photos. He was such a sweet and polite little boy. I can't wait to see him all dressed up for their ceremony. 

This couple decided on Cool Creek Park for their engagement session. Cool Creek Park is a great location for Indianapolis engagement, family or maternity photos! They have so many great backdrops and some of the most beautiful light during the sunset hours.  

If you are in the market for an Indianapolis wedding photographer, I would love to be your girl! Give me a shout and let me buy you a coffee (or wine!) while we chat about how to capture your amazing and special day!


Terre Haute Family Photographer - Deming Park Spring Sessions - Kelli White Photography

Terre Haute Family Photographer - Deming Park Spring Sessions - Kelli White Photography

I love being back in Terre Haute. It is a great chance to see family, friends and these little spring sessions were some of my favorite as I had the chance to connect with some old friends and some clients from my fall sessions. I love seeing how the children grow and change each time I see them. 

Deming Park

Deming Park in Terre Haute is one of my favorite locations for family photos. There are so many little nooks and spots for kids and parents to explore and enjoy themselves as a family. Growing up this was always one place we enjoyed spending time together as a family and now I enjoy taking my family here every time we are in town. 

Lets Connect

Do you have a favorite spot for family photography in Terre Haute? I am always looking for new locations and I love working with clients to find the perfect place to fit their family's needs. If you are seeking a family photographer in Terre Haute or Indianapolis get in touch with me and we can chat more about your ideas for your next session! 

Carmel Indiana Family Photography Spring Sessions - Kelli White Photography

Carmel Indiana Family Photography Spring Sessions

This year we had to wait a little longer for spring to arrive, with winter (snowy) days that seeped well into April. At times, I wasn’t sure the warm weather would ever return. To say the least, I was a bit nervous as this weekend arrived, but luckily we had some sunshine and warmer temps just in time.

I had the privilege of meeting some amazing families and photographing some of favorite families from last fall! There were so many adorable kiddos and loving parents. I love seeing the connection between parents and their children. It is such a special and unbreakable bond.

West Park in Carmel Indiana

It was a wonderful afternoon for family photography at West Park in Carmel. This is one of my favorite locations on the north side of Indianapolis. There are so many nice little spaces for photography and the kiddos don’t have to walk too far from the car for their photos! Unfortunately, they just recently tore down one of the best fields for shooting, but they still have some great spots available.

I am thinking of hosting a few more short and sweet sessions starting in the fall, in addition to my traditional family sessions. Would this be of interest to your family? For more info be sure to get on my email list to be the first to know about any special sessions or offerings. If you are ready to book your next family session you can also reach out to me anytime to book your date!

How to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Indianapolis Photography Session - Kelli White Photography

How to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Indianapolis Photography Session

When you welcome a new baby into the world the last thing on your mind is how to plan for your photography session. The good news is that I am here to help you prepare and put your mind at ease, long before your little bundle of joy arrives. 

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

1. Relax, I've Got This!

When you schedule a Fresh 48 session with KWP you can take comfort in knowing that I handle every detail once I arrive at the hospital. Don't worry about the leftover coffee cup on your tray or tidying up your bags and papers. With your permission, I will move a few things around once I arrive and you can take comfort in knowing that I will ensure we have the best light and back drop for each image.

I also work on a very flexible timeline with Fresh 48 sessions. If doctors need to come and go, I can easily put the photos on pause to ensure you have your privacy. You and your baby's health is the #1 priority during this time!

2. Stay in Touch

Once you schedule your session I will ask that you keep me posted on your labor and delivery. When your baby arrives, please contact me to let me know and I will confirm the day and time that works best for your Fresh 48. Be sure to save my number or email in your phone after you book your session, and assign Dad the task of getting in touch while you relax with your new addition! 

Carmel Indiana Fresh 48 Photography

3. Pack Your Bags

As your due date approaches you will spend time checking your hospital bag to ensure you have everything ready to go! inside this bag you'll have plenty of items for the baby, but you may want to include a pretty robe or your favorite nightgown to wear during your Fresh 48 photos. I still love the simple look of the hospital gown, but depending on your taste you may feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed in your own clothing. 

Indianapolis Fresh 48 Photographer

4. Create a plan for siblings

If you are expecting your second, third, or fourth...child, you will undoubtably have a plan for who will supervise the older children as you welcome your youngest into the world. With this consideration, you should also think about your plan for their involvement (if at all) in your Fresh 48 photography session.

Some families like to keep the focus on Mom, Dad and the new baby, while others like to include the entire family and capture the love surrounding their first introductions to the newest little sibling. This may also be a question to ask your hospital, as some have rules and regulations surrounding who is allowed to visit, especially during the winter months with flu season. 

Booking a Fresh 48 photography session is something I wish I had done prior to the arrival of my daughter. These are the type of photos that you don't know you need until it's too late! I look back on those first few days and can't believe how quickly the little details have somehow vanished from my memory. Very thankful for photos to remind me of those special moments. 

To learn more about my Fresh 48 sessions, Newborn sessions and Baby's First Year Packages get in touch with me today! I am open and available for a few Fresh 48 sessions each year and I am open to visiting any hospital in the Indianapolis area including, Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Avon, Brownsburg, or the Terre Haute area hospitals. I would love to capture your special moments during this important time while making the photography process memorable, simple and seamless.

15 Great Indoor Locations for Your Indianapolis Photography Session

15 Great Indoor Locations for Your Indianapolis Photography Session

On occasion you may find yourself looking for the opportunity to have family photos captured at an indoor Indianapolis location. Maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, too cold or too rainy, or maybe you just want a change of pace from the traditional sunset session. Here are 10 ideas in the Indy area that provide a beautiful setting while also being inside, protected from the elements. 

 Indianapolis Family posed for family photography in Hotel Lobby

1.     Hotel Lobby

Indianapolis is home to some gorgeous hotels. Many of their lobby areas also offer great natural light! Be sure to gain permission from the hotel staff before scheduling a session here. I have a few local hotels that I work with and they have allowed me to capture some great images indoors!

2.     Green House

Why not bring the outdoors inside for your session? Green houses provide beautiful light, gorgeous colors and are also indoors! Indianapolis has a bunch of different nurseries that welcome photographers.

3.    Central Library

The downtown branch of the Indianapolis Public Library is amazing and has a large area of windows that make for a dream photography location. You do have to pay to shoot here, but the fee is very worth the gorgeous setting!

4.     Parking Garage

Okay, so this may sound a little crazy, but go with me. A parking garage can provide some great coverage from rain, while also giving you natural light and an urban feel. You can also gain some beautiful views from the higher vantage point. I would love to do an urban session with some shots in/around a parking garage!

5.     Coffee Shop

I am a big coffee fan! Iced (my fav), pour over, espresso… love, love, love! If you are like me and feel a strong connect to this lovely brew maybe your favorite coffee shop is a good spot for your next session. Little shops like this can work well for couples at engagement or anniversary sessions.

6.     Event Venue

Some of the best event venues in Indianapolis sit idle during the weekdays when wedding and events aren’t taking place. I have a few spots that I’m connected with and if you have a location that interests you, I would love to reach out and see if they would welcome us for your family session!

7.     Your Favorite Shop

You may have recently seen the new trend that includes capturing professional photos inside of large chain stores, IKEA, Michaels, Hobby Lobby. This just goes to show that with the right eye you can really make any space look special and beautiful!

8.     Studio

Here at KWP I don’t currently have a full time studio space (long term dream!), however, I do have access to a few rental studios where I can arrange for your session! If a studio session interests you, let me know and I can send you some additional information.

 Mother with children in Indianapolis studio

9.     Church

Your church may be the perfect spot for your family session. We all know they make great wedding locations and photos, but they may also allow us to capture family or engagement photos on your church campus. Having a space that is special to you and your faith can make for very meaningful portraits.

10.   Museum

As you may have heard Newfields is a great location for photos and they do have a few indoor locations that can work great! There are also a variety of different types of museums in Indianapolis that could provide a unqiue backdrop for your session. Always be sure to inquire (or ask me about a location) before taking photos!

11.   Brewery

The rise of craft beer popularity in the Indianapolis area has created a boom in some really interesting and visually stunning breweries. If you and your spouse or fiancé love craft beer this could make for a picture perfect spot!

12.   Union Station

Do you remember going down to Union Station as a kid when they had all of the shops open? This shopping location is now closed, but the event venue and the hotel are still open! This is definitely one of the most interesting locations in Indianapolis and could make for some really fun and special images.

13.   Airport

Love to travel? Maybe one of your parents is a pilot? An airport session could be a fun and outside-the-box location to host your session. There are a few smaller airports throughout the city, in addition to the Indianapolis International Airport. 

14.   Your Own Home

Often times your own home gets overlooked as the best spot to host your session. The space where you raise your children, eat your meals and say your prayers at night, is often times the most important place in your life. Even if your home doesn’t look like West Elm (hard to do with little kiddos!) I promise I can help you make gorgeous, connected and memorable images you will deeply value!

15.   Embrace the Elements

If you are up for an adventure we can always brave the elements to get some interesting photos. Light rain, snow, hot and sunny, cloudy skies… we can make it work for you! While, I would probably avoid some of the harsher elements with very young kids, making the most of your surroundings can be a fun adventure for the right couple or family.

Book Your Indoor (or Outdoor) Session

I love a sunset session as much as anyone, but it isn’t always available with the unpredictable weather here in Indiana. (i.e. the 2018 winter that never ended) Get in touch with me today and I can help you find the perfect spot for your next session!

*also, while I handle all location planning for my clients, if you are interested in setting up your own shoot (or even with another photographer) please be sure to get proper permission before shooting in any location as rules and regulations are constantly changing.  

10 Great Outdoor Locations for Indianapolis Family Photography


I love this city! There are so many adorable parks and beautiful venues for gorgeous family images. You don't have to look far to find a unique and natural setting for your next session. Here are some of my favorite outdoor spots for family photography in Indianapolis. Now that the weather is warming up I can't wait to shoot in these picturesque locations. 

Indianapolis Family Photography Locations

Coxhall Gardens

This park has plenty of space for kids to run and explore, along with great structures and a variety of backdrops to set your images apart. 

Cool Creek Park and Nature Center

This park is tucked just off of US 31 and has a vairety of settings including tall grasses, green spaces, and many wooded acres! They also have a playground and nature center which can make for a fun-filled family day, before or after your session.

West Park

This park packs a lot of variety into one space! Water, bridges, trails, tall grasses and a stone feature! There is so much to love and they are in the process of developing the park further, so I am hopeful it will continue to be a bright spot for family photos in Hamilton County. 

Holcomb Gardens

Located on Butler University's Campus, Holcomb Gardens is a lovely location featuring a lake, waterfalls, garden house, and gazebo. This is a great location for families with Butler University alumni! It is also located near Broad Ripple Village with a variety of shops and restaurants close by. 


The artist formerly known as the IMA, this location is one of the best in the city. In the spring, they have a quarter of a million flowers that bloom! If that isn't enticing enough they have a beautiful variety of structures including one of my favorite spots, The Lilly House. You do have to pay a fee to have your session here, but it is very worth it! The fee is $50 for the day. 

Eagle Creek Park

Located on the west side of town this expansive park makes for a great location during the fall season. With acres of trees surrounding the large lake you are sure to have a gorgeous backdrop for your family images. This park does have a fee to enter the park and last I checked, they do have an additional photography fee.

Fort Harrison

This area is filled to the brim with gorgeous locations! I normally shoot just outside the park near the hotel and golf course. This area provides a variety of structures and backdrops for your images, including the old hotel, gazebo, bridge and lake. 

The Monon Trail

The Monon Trail expands all throughout the city of Indianapolis and it isn't just for running and riding bikes. From up north in Westfield all the way downtown, you can find unique alcoves and settings for your next set of family photos. No matter where you live there is sure to be a location on the Monon that isn't too far away!

Southeastway Park

Located on the south side of town, this popular spot includes a large forest area, a pond, wetland spaces, open fields and lovely meadows. A great location for you and your family if you are located south of downtown!

Holliday Park

Holliday Park is one of Indianapolis’ oldest parks and located on the near northside near Broad Ripple. This park is home to some very picturesque trails near White River along with the one-of-a-kind Holliday Park Ruins.  In addition, your family can explore the nature center or play on the playground following your session!

Ready for your next Session?

Keep in mind that most parks do require a small daily fee for photographers or they may require a yearly pass. These rules and regulations are always changing, but I try to stay up to date and follow the rules as best as possible! Once you book your session, I will work with you to find a location that best suits the needs of you and your family. 

If you are thinking about updating your family photos soon, get in touch with me today to set up your next outdoor family or milestone session. 

Indianapolis Family Photographer - The Reset Conference - Sarah Hill Studio Session

For those of you that have been following my social media posts and journal you will see that I recently attending The Reset Conference. It was such an amazing experience and I feel so reenergized and motivated, both personally and professionally. There were so many talented artists speakers and entrepreneurs. 

Sarah Hill's Studio

Throughout the conference there were a number of chances to watch and learn from other photographers, and following the main conference I had the chance to visit Sarah Hill's studio in downtown Greenwood. It was a small group and we had the opportunity watch her shoot, ask her questions and receive some mentorship from her on how to run a successful business and how to create beautiful imagery. 

images from the morning

This family was so adorable and they kids were very sweet and full of energy. Sarah keeps her sessions short and sweet which makes it easier on the family and kids. Here are a few more of the images I captured during our time at the studio.


I love the dreamy tones of the creams and blush. They make for such beautiful skin tones and absorb the light in such a gorgeous way. 

Off to find a space

I am officially on the hunt for a studio space! The cold weather months in Indiana don't correlate well with sunny outdoor sessions, so I would love to have a beautiful space where I can host families, couples and newborns during the chilly winter days. It would be a dream come true!

If you are interested in a studio session let me know! I'm exploring a few spaces in Indianapolis and will be sure to share once I have a space to share. I would love to capture your family in studio, inside your home or outdoors during the warmer weather. 

Indianapolis Locations for Engagement Photos - Hamilton County - Kelli White Photography

Indianapolis Locations for Engagement Photos - Hamilton County - Kelli White Photography 

The city of Indianapolis is filled to the bring with beautiful parks, trails and buildings that make for the perfect engagement photo locations. Here are a few places located north of the city that can make for the perfect backdrop for your engagement session!

 Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Couple

Cool Creek Park - Westfield

This park is rather large and located right off of 31, close to many restaurants and shops. They have many wooded spaces, a few creek areas, tall grasses and even a nature center. The trails and walking paths make it a fun space to explore and it makes for a great location any time of the year!

West Park - Carmel

A great location if you are looking for rustic vibes. Tall grasses, natural stones and a pond with a wooded walkway. They are in the process of revamping this park to make it an even larger and more beautiful space. 

Coxhall Gardens - Carmel

This is a popular location for photos on the north side! At the gardens they also have a venue for hosting weddings. There are many different natural backdrops, open green spaces, flowers, a bridge, some brick structures and a big red barn 

Downtown Carmel

Sometimes family shoots in a downtown area can be a challenge with young kids, but an engagement shoot is the perfect session for an urban backdrop! The little shops and side alleys can make for some really unique images. With the Monon Trail so close to downtown, you can also include some natural and wooded backdrops!

Flowing Well Park - Carmel

This park may be small. but it fits a lot into the space. There is a large metal bridge that can be incorporated into your images and the trees can be beautiful in the spring or fall. Additionally, the Cool Creek rockbeds provide a beautiful backdrop for your session. 

Central Park - Carmel

This very large park has just about anything you can want from an outdoor space. It is very spread out so there may be some driving from location to location, but that is what makes ti great for engagement opposed to a family session. There is a large waterway flowing through the park surrounded by trails bridges and green space.

Downtown Noblesville

Such a cute little spot filled with great architecture, historic buildings, adorable little shops and restaurants on the square. The perfect downtown space with tons of character and texture to enhance your images. 

Choose Your Space

Ultimately the most special and meaningful location for your images is one that you and your fiancé choose together.  Perhaps it's the place you first met, the coffee shop you both love or the park where you walk your dogs on the weekends. 

Wherever you decide to have your engagement session done, I would love to be the photographer who helps you make each and every moment of the process a special experience. I can't wait to capture your love and connection!

Indianapolis Family Photography - The Reset Conference - Kelli White Photography

Indianapolis Family Photography - The Reset Conference - Kelli White Photography

This year I am focusing on growing my business and becoming an even better photographer for my families, couples and newborns. I have invested time and energy into learning more about my craft and about how I can create a great experience for each person I serve. 

Over the last weekend I had the privilege of attending The Reset Conference in downtown Indianapolis. It was such a fun and exciting conference filled with some INCREDIBLE artists and speakers. I met some great people and learned so much about business, creativity and building relationships with every person who I have the privileged to photograph.  

 a rare self portrait... this window light in the hotel was irresistible 

a rare self portrait... this window light in the hotel was irresistible 


All of the speakers blew me away with their knowledge and passion. I wish I could have attended every single session, but had to pick and choose. Some of my favorites included Elena S Blair and Bre Thurston, who I adore. (and I am planning to attend their retreat in the fall!) They are not only the most genuine and relatable people, but they both cram so much emotion into each one of their images it. is. unreal! They talked about connection, being true to yourself, vulnerable with your work and not being afraid to fail.

Also - Elena and Sandra Coan continue to impress me with the amount of business knowledge they drop. Such empowering and impressive women! Sandra’s work is absolutely stunning and I’ve officially added, “have Sandra Coan take my portrait” to my long term goal list… a girl can dream right???

Sarah Hill was also a lot of fun to listen to and meet because she is also from Indy and she is so comfortable in her own skin and true to her vision that it is contagious, awesome, inspiring…! She spoke about branding and really made me stop think about how I can find a way to be true to myself in my journey of photography and business.


If you are on the fence about attending this conference in the future, do it! It is going down to Lexington, KY next year and the new venue looks amazing.

Kellie and Rebecca, who organize the conference are adorable and did a rock star job of making everything enjoyable and a former event planner, I know this is not an easy task!

Over all it was a fabulous experience and I hope to attend in future years… and maybe, just maybe, one day make it on to that stage to teach and inspire other photographers! :)



Family Night Mini Sessions - Indianapolis Family Photographer - Kelli White Photography


I love connecting with new Indianapolis families, especially at events where I get the chance to photograph their adorable smiles! I had the chance to work with The Urban Chalkboard again at one of their recent family nights. It was so much fun and the kids enjoyed pizza, and playing with lots of fun toys and activities. 

In between the activities, I was able to capture some of these cute little smirks and smiles! It was a very enjoyable evening and I had the chance to test out my normal school photography set up with families and sibling shots. I have loved the simplicity that the black back drop can provide and it really does a great job of putting the focus on the children and their expressions. 

All of the families were really sweet and I enjoyed having the chance to meet more people in and around the Indianapolis and Carmel area. After spending a few years away from Indiana, it is so nice to be home and back in the midwest. I love the people and, yes, even the weather most of the time. The chance of seasons is just not something we had when I lived down south. 

If you have young kids in the Indianapolis area, or even if you are visiting from Terre Haute or another location, be sure to check out The Urban Chalkboard. They have so many fun activities for kids and they have classes for a variety of ages to enjoy. They also have some solid coffee for all the sleepy mamas out there! In addition they are starting a preschool soon so if you have kiddos in that age bracket you should check out The Learning Studio! They are a great community partner of mine and I loved being a part of their family night!

Indianapolis Brand Photography - Kelli White Photography - Urban Chalkboard


Over the last few months I have had the privilege of working with one of the best locations in Indianapolis for families and children! The Urban Chalkboard is a lovely little spot for young kids and it's also a treat for mom and dad to enjoy some coffee and conversation while their kiddos play. 

They are currently in the process of opening up a preschool called The Learning Studio and they were in need of some images for their new website and social media presence. It was so much fun to interact with the teachers and potential students and families! 

They have some incredible programs planned for the children and they also have amazing teachers leading the program. It is sure to be a lovely opportunity for each child that attends and learns in this special place.

Mr. Daniel in the photo below came to sing and dance with the children. He plays songs, sing, dance and provides instruments for the kids to play with. He is very popular on the northside of Indianapolis and after seeing his class you can understand why! His energy is so infectious and the kids LOVE him!

I recently started offering school photography in the Indianapolis and Terre Haute areas, so I felt like this opportunity made for a great partnership. I love working with the staff at The Urban Chalkboard and I really enjoyed having the chance to work on some brand photography.  

If you or your company is looking for a brand photographer in the Indianapolis area, please reach out and let me know how we might be able to work together! I would love to help you take your brand to the next level with images that represent you and your business. 

Also, if you have children in the Indianapolis or Carmel area. be sure to check out The Urban Chalkboard and learn more about The Learning Studio

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer - Baby Paxton - Kelli White Photography


What a journey it has been to capture this sweet family and their newborn over the last month. It has been such a joy to see them both at home, and on the north side of Indianapolis for their Fresh 48 after they welcomed their little bundle of joy. This session was in their home and it was the perfect location to reflect the love and connection that surrounds this new little guy! 

Mom and dad had the nursery all ready for baby boy to arrive home! Big brother seems to be adjusting really well to his new duties. Having a new addition can be a lot for siblings to handle at first, but I love to photograph that new love, curiosity and connection! I can't wait to see how these two grow closer over the coming years. 

This family has been very close to me for many years and I love seeing how much they have grown, yet at the same time, they stay the same fun-loving bunch they have always been. This newest little addition is sure in for some fun days ahead with this wonderful family! It's always nice when the grandparents and cousin (who happened to be visiting) can join in for a photo. Aren't they just the most adorable and lovable family? You can feel the connection just by looking at their smiles and hugs!

I am so excited whenever I have the chance to capture families and newborns for in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. Having images taken inside your home during this special time in your life is so important and one you are sure to cherish for many years to come. If you are expecting this year I would love to meet you and document the new love surrounding your baby's arrival.

Carmel Indiana Fresh 48 - Indianapolis Newborn Photography - Kelli White Photography


Oh, new life! Those first sweet days with your sweet baby are unlike any other. Photographing Fresh 48 sessions in and around Indianapolis and Terre Haute is definitely my new found passion!

I just can't get enough of the tiny little features and special connections that beg to be captured. The moments are fleeting and these are the images you don't really know you need until the moments are gone. What I would do to go back to those first few magical days and soak them in a bit more.

This family welcomed their second little boy and they could not be a more adorable family. This little guy was pretty alert for only his second day of life and he loved snuggling with both mommy, daddy and his auntie who is also expecting a little boy very soon! I am so excited for their in-home newborn session coming up soon. It will be a lot of fun to capture baby boy and big brother together for the first time!

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy soon, reach out to learn more about how I can help you document these special days. I can't wait to meet you and your newest addition!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer - Kelli White Photography


I officially had my first engagement shoot of the year, which took place right outside of Indianapolis, and it could not have been a more perfect night for it! Even though it was late February we were able to sneak it in during some of the warmer weather that popped up over the last few weeks.

This beautiful couple was so much fun to work with and they picked a great spot for their images, Downtown Danville. They will be having their wedding in the fall at The Blanton House which is an adorable venue in the Danville area. I am looking forward to capturing their wedding day, and this engagement session made me even more excited!

You can tell how much these two care for each other and I am so excited to see them tie the knot in September. As a former event planner I love the hustle and bustle of wedding day. There is something so special about capturing the little moments as they naturally unfold throughout the day.

If you are in the market for an Indianapolis wedding photographer, I would love to be your girl! Give me a shout and let me buy you a coffee (or wine!) while we chat about how to capture your amazing and special day!

Indianapolis Newborn Lifestyle Photography - Kelli White Photography


Sweet little newborn babies sure do warm up these cold winter months in Indianapolis. This little lady arrived a few weeks early, so I was extra excited and surprised to get the call from her mom! They are a very sweet family and great friends of ours. 

This little lady is so surrounded by love. Her mom and dad are already wonderful parents and, when you entered their home, you could feel all the new emotion that surrounds the first week home with a baby. I love photographing families in their own space. This is where you'll raise your babies and celebrate your holidays. It is the place you will want in your photos. The space that means the most to you, home sweet home. 

Also, this lucky girl has all hand-crafted furniture created custom my her daddy! As you can see she is already has him wrapped around her little finger. Doesn't take long! Mommy, daddy and big sister, Jersey pup, are all smitten and full of joy with their new addition!

If you or anyone you know is expecting, I would love to create images to help you cherish this special time. Reach out today and let's chat about your new little bundle of joy!

Indianapolis Newborn Photography - Indianapolis Maternity Photography - Kelli White Photography


This Indianapolis maternity photography session was such a joy to capture! They are expecting their second little boy to arrive in just a few weeks and I loved being able to capture their happiness and anticipation as they prepare for their little newborn.

Indianapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Mom and I have been friends since we were 5 years old. She was truly my first best friend and she's just one of those friends you know you'll have forever! It is so amazing to see the mama she has become and to see her glowing as she awaits her newest addition. 

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer
Indianapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photography

She found her perfect match in her husband, as you can as soon as you meet him just how much he adores his family. So much love in this house!

Indianapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This little dude is going to make the best big brother! He is such a sweet little boy and one of the best behaved (almost) 3 year olds I have ever met!

Indianapolis Maternity Photographer
Terre Haute Family Photography

I can't wait to meet Baby Paxton in just a few weeks! Stay tuned from more adorableness from this crew. Indianapolis Fresh 48 and Indianapolis Lifestyle Newborn sessions will be following soon! 

Indianapolis Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

If you are expecting a new arrival soon and looking to capture some maternity pictures, reach out today to get on my calendar! I would LOVE to help you document this super special time in your life. :)

Fine Art School Photography - Indianapolis Preschool Photographer

Fine Art School Photography - Indianapolis Preschool Photographer

This fall I began working on a new part of my business that I am very excited about! I am now offering Fine Art School Portraits to select schools and preschools in Indianapolis and Terre Haute.

 Indianapolis School Photographer
 Indianapolis School Photographer
 Indianapolis School Photographer

timeless images

I am so excited to work with kids and families and help to create images that will stand the test of time. We all have those old fashion 90's school pictures with the cheesy smile and crazy graphic backdrop. I am trying to save our children from that same awful fate! :)

 Indianapolis School Photographer
 Indianapolis School Photographer

Sweet Little Smiles

My images capture the children's real smile, true expressions and their actual personality! I want parents to display the images proudly for many years to come. I keep it simple using basic back drops and I engage each child to learn more about them! 

 Indianapolis School Photographer

Hopefully this leads me towards connecting with more awesome kids, parents, schools and teachers in the area! If you know of a school that might be interested, check out my info page!

Indianapolis Family Photography - Kelli White Photography


When your family gathers together, it is the perfect time to capture some family photos. This group was a blast to work with. They came from all over the city to together and some of them recently moved in all the way from Venezuela. I was honored to work with such a loving and kind family. 

Indianapolis Family Photography

CAFE BABY Serves Indianapolis

I have been lucky enough to work with Jeannie and Sherri previously on a shoot for their business Cafe Baby. If you live in Indy and have a little one, you should check them out. They are awesome business women and even more amazing people! 

Indianapolis Family Photography

How cute are these little ones? As with most kiddos they kept me on my toes during the shoot, but they were very well behaved and sweet as pie!

Indianapolis Family Lifestyle Photography
Indianapolis Family Lifestyle Photography
Indianapolis Family Lifestyle Photography

If you have a big family gathering or small simple party coming up I would love to capture some memories for your group. Get in touch and let's chat about how we can make your day even more special!

Carmel Family Photographer - Kelli White Photography


With the cold winter temps I have been searching for some great indoor photography locations! Thankfully I found a beautiful family to photograph in a great indoor space that is new to the Indianapolis area. 

Indianapolis Family Photography

I had the privilege to work with this adorable little guy in a previous shoot for a community partner, Cafe Baby, so it was nice to reconnect with his family and capture some memories for them over the holiday season! How about those baby blues...swoon! Such a little heart breaker already!

Carmel Indiana Family Photographer
Carmel Indiana Family Photography
Carmel Indiana Family Photography
Indianapolis Family Photography

This family came together to capture some photos as a gift for their Mom and Dad. It was such a thoughtful gift and one I am sure they will remember for many years to come. 

Indianapolis Extended Famliy Photos

If you are interested in gathering your family for some portraits in the coming months, feel free to reach out any time! I love working with families of all sizes from both the Indianapolis and Terre Haute area. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to preserve some special memories!